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NHL Hitz 20-03 cheats,nhl hitz 2003 codes,cheats for nhl hitz 2003,codes for nhl hitz 2003,nhl hitz 2003 hints
NHL Hitz 20-03
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Game Description
As the only dedicated adrenaline-style hockey videogame franchise for next-generation platforms, NHL Hitz 20-03 showcases over-the-top 3-on-3 (plus goalies) gameplay with players who leap, glide, check, pass and score on would-be defenders. This newest version of Hitz runs up the score on the hockey videogame category with new features such as the all-new franchise mode, which enhances the single gamer experience by giving users the power to create a team from infancy, grow that team through international competition, earn a franchise, and eventually compete for the Stanley Cup. All-new game modes add challenge and depth to the gameplay experience. For those new to the ice, NHL Hitz 20-03's Hockey School offers a tutorial, while veteran fans will appreciate even more mini-games and an in-depth New Season mode that enables detailed statistics tracking, player trades using trade logic, a playoff tree, and official NHL awards. NHL Hitz 20-03 also suits up with bigger, stronger and faster players. Improved goalie logic, behavior, animations and control make it tougher to score while a visual aggression meter tips off gamers as to which players are more likely to drop the gloves. Additionally, NHL Hitz 20-03 includes a cranking new soundtrack. Available for play on the game's jukebox , players have the option to listen to popular, glass-shattering tunes while battling it out in the rink. No matter what you call them Xboxcheats.com includes NHL Hitz 20-03 cheats, nhl hitz 2003 codes, cheats for nhl hitz 2003, codes for nhl hitz 2003 and nhl hitz 2003 hints.

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Tip: Score Easy Goals
Credit: JFr()sT

NHL Hitz 20-03 cheats,nhl hitz 2003 codes,cheats for nhl hitz 2003,codes for nhl hitz 2003,nhl hitz 2003 hints

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