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LOONS: The Fight For Fame cheats,loons codes,cheats for the loons,codes for the loons
LOONS: The Fight For Fame
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Game Description
Starring the inimitable Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester and Tasmanian Devil, Loons allows up to four players to take on the mantle of their favourite character, each with their own unique personality and attributes, and 'Fight for Fame' by using an arsenal of classic ACME traps and props such as custard pies, falling anvils and instant storms. Out-dancing, out-performing, out-fighting and generally flat-out upstaging their opponents through a series of interactive movie sets, the characters battle it out to become the undisputed Number One Star by disrupting other players 'acting' and ensuring they alone bathe proudly in the glory of the 'spotlight'. No matter what you call them Xboxcheats includes many LOONS The Fight For Fame cheats,loons cheats,loons codes, cheats for the loons, codes for the loons.

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Big Head Mode
Credit: Krillian Hex

LOONS: The Fight For Fame cheats,loons codes,cheats for the loons,codes for the loons

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