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Game Description
Before there were roofs overhead, there were dank, dark caves, echoing with the grunts of their prehistoric inhabitants. Before organized crops and farming, every new fruit and berry picked off the tree could be sweet, delicious sustenance or deadly poison. Every roar in the distance necessitated tribal unity. Every rock shard and broken stick could be a weapon. Every flame needed to be preserved. Before there was history, there was BC. BC is an original third-person action-adventure game that hurtles players back millions of years into prehistory, to the beginnings of humankind. Members of a clan take part in an epic journey of survival, battling against ferocious, prehistoric creatures and exploring vast natural environments. New technologies and knowledge could be just over the next rise. If humanity is to survive, the tribe needs to evolve into a thinking, resourceful unit that can rise up to become the pioneers in a primeval, unpredictable world. No matter what you call them Xboxcheats includes many BC cheats, BC codes, cheats for BC, codes for BC and hints for BC.

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Credit: nikx

BC cheats,bc cheats xbox,bc codes,cheats for BC,codes for BC,hints for BC

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